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Hollandbreak is your partner for a special stay in Holland. By listening to your specific wishes we will put together an unforgettable trip for you.


Once you are in Holland we will try to ensure you spoken to in your own language, and that you are kept informed of the customs of our country, so that you can understand them better. But we will also respect your standards and values and use these to make the Holland experience even nicer for you.


Hollandbreak was set up by a team of professionals with more than 20 years experience in the events and incentives sector. We find our passion for coordinating and organising special events in the challenge of continually looking for options that are different from what is normal and done most often. So no trip or event is the same, after all your wishes are different from those of other people.



We work together. Together with you, but also with partners in Holland and the rest of Europe, so that you have a unique stay in Holland.

Who we are

Our mission

We strive to create extraordinary and new experiences, and in doing so we seek to surpass previous levels of excellence. 

To be your support and anchor, and to be a creative partner for your journey and stay in fun Holland.

Our vision

Hands on top of each other

Proudly working with:


Bing & Jie Cake Rolls

Located in Delft who makes natural cake rolls with pure love. They use seasonal ingredients and develop fresh cake rolls for various events.

Bing & Jie Cake studio


Delivering unique, luxurious gifts inspired by Asian culture.

De Party- & Eventarchitect

Hollandbreak is a trademark of De Party- & Eventarchitect Culemborg bv, The Netherlands.


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