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A day on a Dutch farm is guaranteed to give you a combination of hospitality and relaxation. You will be surprised to find what kind of activities you can do around the farm.  


Dressed in blue overalls and a neck tie you will experience typical Dutch activities like Pitchfork darts, pole jumping over ditches, Moor mud bathing and exploring the Milk route.


You can even experience how relaxing it can be to do a bit of cow cuddling and enjoy a Dutch picnic on the banks of Tjeukemeer Lake. Cow Hugging, which is famous around the world, can only be done in Holland. It’s not easy to explain; you have to experience it to understand why it’s special.


Itinerary of the Tour


One Day Tour                                                                                     

* Reception with coffee/tea and Frisian Orange cake


* Dress up in peasant clothing and take a group photo


* Farm tour and cow hugging

  Enjoy all the activities on and around the farm:

  Farmer’s Golf

  Farmer’s bludgeon hockey

  Maize Maze (mid-July to beginning of October)

  Painting Clogs

  Climbing up the farmer’s stable

  And many others...


* Dutch lunch


* Start Milk Tour by car, bicycle or boat


* Visit  various sites that explain the history of milk production

  This tour gives an insight into the process of milk production. The   Milk factory processes the milk before one can find it is on the         shelves in the supermarket. There is still a working dairy plant

  in ‘Scharsterbrug’ from ancient times that is still standing. Today     they are specialized only in powdered milk instead of milk            


Cow Hugging on a Dutch Farm

If you decide to stick around a little longer, then it's also possible to stay at a bed and breakfast, a holiday cottage, a tent on a campsite, or spend a night sleeping in the hay


However you decide to spend your time, Hollandbreak will facilitate all of the activities and will make all of the arrangements for you. You are welcome to request your preferred activities. We will organize them and make a suitable day tour for you. Our primary objective is to ensure that you have a wonderful, enjoyable and relaxing time.

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