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Holland as a honeymoon country means that you can experience artistic, cultural and sporting activities in a relatively short period of time. You can go by bike to the museums where the works of the world-famous painters Rembrandt and van Gogh are displayed, after which you can dine romantically in the evening on a boat, whilst this rides through the canals of Amsterdam. At sea it is possible to do some kiting or canoeing. Relax and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat, and dine later in one of the chic trendy beach cabins that look out over the sea. Visit an open air Museum where you can see the typical old Dutch lifestyle of long ago. This is not just seeing, but really experiencing.


Staying overnight in Holland is an experience that you will certainly cherish. How would you like to stay overnight in a windmill, a treehouse, a really chic tent, in a hayloft, or a house in the middle of the water, where you cannot disturb anyone?


Holland as a honeymoon country. Not such a bad idea even if you are planning to visit the city of love in France. As part of a European honeymoon you should not miss out Holland. 

Splendid honeymoon

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