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An enormous number of interesting and hilarious student trips are possible. Besides the educational activities like visiting the harbours of Rotterdam, the flower auction in Aalsmeer or the various world-famous museums you can enjoy water activities like sailing, flyboarding, walking in the ‘Wad’ which is unique in the world, or have a bit of action riding in a RIB boat.


You could participate in various beach games along the Dutch coast, on the banks of lakes or even on beaches created in the cities.


Another possibility is to explore the city of your choice by bike, solex, scooter or even on the water. With the help of a GPS system or smart phone you carry out a variety of hilarious assignments and you visit the craziest places.

If you like the idea of doing something creative in a Dutch way then there are many options. Express yourself with paint, sand and ice. Or gain some experience in making a nice commercial.


There are too many for us to name them all. Based on your wishes, we put together a suitable programme that will appeal to the age and the interests of young people.


The travel programmes range from a single day to a number of days. This depends on what is desired. We strive to find typical Dutch places to stay overnight. Possibilities include staying with a Dutch family, on a farm, or in a tent on a campsite.

Student Trip

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