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Delivering unique, luxurious gifts inspired by Asian culture.

Bing & Jie Cake Rolls

Located in Delft who makes natural cake rolls with pure love. They use seasonal ingredients and develop fresh cake rolls for various events.

Proudly working with:


Exactly 125 years since Vincent van Gogh passed away this year. There are many cultural programmes around Holland. You absolutely can not miss these art festivels.

Explore the “Wadden” in the very North of Holland. You can wade on the seafloor

and experience this unique nature of beauty. 

Hollandbreak Exclusive Tour

College Friends

Hollandbreak offers you very Dutch and unique tour which you cannot find anywhere else. It is possible to combine the different travel programmes an make them into your tailered tour. We will design the best itinerary for you in a very short time.

Business People

Vincent van Gogh Visit Tour

Mudflat Hiking Tour  

A day on a Dutch farm is guaranteed to give you a combination of hospitality and relaxation around the farm.  

College Friends

Cow Hugging on a Dutch Farm

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