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His works, his world

Experience for yourself the life of the famous painter van Gogh. Use all your senses: feel the brush strokes of the great artist through his original paintings; smell the colorful self-portrait flower bulb mosaic of Vincent van Gogh himself; and taste the potatoes just as they are portrayed in his famous picture  “The Potato Eaters”. 


Itinerary of theTour


Day 1                                                                                                  

Hollandbreak takes you to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. The museum's collection, the largest of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings in the world, is arranged chronologically from his birth to his death. By guide or a multimedia tour in Mandarin, you will learn about the places he lived and painted, and how those places inspired him. You will see the work of his contemporaries and what they had in common. You will learn about his loving brother and devoted sister-in-law, who is largely responsible for having preserved his legacy.


During the evening you will enjoy a delicious dinner whilst taking in the magically lit canals of Amsterdam. The dinner cruise through Amsterdam lasts about 2.5 hours.


Day 2  Take your pick with preference                                              

Option 1)

Meet Van Gogh in the famous flower park ”Keukenhof” in Lisse (until 17th of May) where you can smell and admire his amazing self-portrait made of thousands of tulips. Enjoy other spectacular flower shows as well and do not forget to visit the Selfie garden. 


Option 2)

Hollandbreak will bring you to another part of the country. We get out of the city and bring you to the National park in the west of Holland where the van Gogh gallery is situated.  This gallery is part of the Kröller-Müller Museum that has the second-largest collection of Van Gogh works in the world. The variable arrangements of about forty of his paintings tell the story of his life and work.


After this visit you may explore the surrounding area by bicycle or visit “Paleis het Loo”, a palace dating back more than three hundred years. The interiors give visitors an impression of how the palace was inhabited for three centuries by the royal family of the Netherlands, princes and monarchs of the House of Orange Nassau.


Day 3                                                                                                  

Curious to get to know more about the Dutch painter, it is possible to welcome you to Van Gogh Village in ‘Nuenen’ and walk in his footsteps. What makes it so special is that you can see and experience the stories about Van Gogh. You get to know him as a person and we see how he developed to become a world-famous artist. Outside, no fewer than 21 locations remind us of Van Gogh. Besides the statues and buildings you will visit 14 locations that he painted or sketched. 

Vincent van Gogh Visit Tour

Holland break will cooperate with you, listen to your ideas, and create an itinerary based on your input and schedule. You will receive a tailored quotation as soon as possible.


We will do our best to provide you with an unforgettable memories and experience that you’ll treasure forever!!!

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