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Hollandbreak is your partner if you do not know exactly which attractions you wish to see, where you can find them, in what order, and how you can get there. 


In doing so we will find the right places for you to stay overnight and the right restaurants, and will provide you with relevant information.


Hollandbreak will help you with your travel to Holland, also if it forms part of a trip to Europe.


Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

Why us


to business

Of course Hollandbreak has the knowledge, the experience, the right connections and the right network to deliver an exceptional event or travel programme for you.

And it goes without saying that we also take account of other matters that are important in organising your event, such as: a complete risk assessment for each event, sustainable events, ROI (Return on Investment) and free choice of venue finding


Furthermore, you probably already know that Hollandbreak can offer services to you that you do not have in-house, and that everything from planning to running your event will be looked after, right down to the smallest detail. This means that you do not need to add to your payroll to cover non-core functions, and that you do not have to disturb your valuable personnel in organising your event, so that they can continue to concentrate on their main tasks.


You naturally expect Hollandbreak to look after the operational focus of your event, and to pay attention to detail, so that the final result satisfies your wishes and expectations.


Isn’t this what everyone expects?

Hollandbreak does.


But we also focus on reliability, creativity, dedication and flexibility. In doing so we will respect your standards and values, and we will apply these in order to make your Holland experience even more enjoyable for you.


Hollandbreak makes your event or travel programme become real without it being too much hassle for you. 


We really do care!

Elegant Table

Bing & Jie Cake Rolls

Located in Delft who makes natural cake rolls with pure love. They use seasonal ingredients and develop fresh cake rolls for various events.

Proudly working with:


Bing & Jie Cake studio


Delivering unique, luxurious gifts inspired by Asian culture.

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